Our Story, Over 10 years ago, MOUNTAIN TAP was simply a faint thought. The main inspiration was sparked by friends gathering at local bars challenging each other at Bar Olympics which consisted mainly of Golden Tee, Darts, and Pool. Each turnout, whether it was getting off work or coming down the mountain, always had an inviting thought of indulging in a couple of cocktails and tasty eats as a promising end to the day. Although the company was good, the locations were never quite right; each place lacked a certain aspect that the group was looking for such as a pure protein plate or one of our favorite games. We aspired for a complete experience. As the all-in-one idea consistently came to mind so did the birth of Mountain Tap. The Applewood area seemed perfect for a rustic neighborhood bar nestled at the tip of Golden, Colorado. We are proud to say to this day that is exactly what Mountain Tap has turned out to be: an all-in-one bar and restaurant in the perfect location.
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Located in the Applewood Grove shopping center 1901 Youngfield Street, Golden Co 80401 unit 101 720-689-5972